Oaths of Allegiance, Northumberland County, 1652

Those whose names are published doe promise and Ingage and saludt to be true and faithful to the Commonwealth of England as it is now established without King or house of Lordes. [April ye 11th 1652].
John Mottrom
Tho: Speke
John Trussell
Willis Yeardly
Wat Broadhurst
Nicholas Morris
Ri: Flynt
Peter Knight
Jacob Coutanceau
Henry [illeg]
Hugh Lee
George Colclough
John Haynie
Jno Gaskins
John Dennis
John Mottrom
John Grayham
Tho Hales
Will: Thomas
Rich: Budd
Simon Arnard Sen
S[illeg.] William
Matthew Rhoden
William Vincent
Isaac Weaver
John Waddy
Tho: Kingwell
Rich: Holden
Abraha Byram
John Hayward
Thomas Gaskins
Geo: Hale
Ralph Horsly
Wm Medcalfe
Philip Carpenter
Tho Brewer
Tho Prickett
Jo Powell
Willm Presley
Robert Smith
[illeg] Cox Esq
Walter Weekes
Richard Hubball
Wm Spicer
Tho Bailes
David Spiller
Henry Hurst
James Macgreggor
John Essex
William Allenson
Cornelius Robinson
Roger Pallen
Webone Bishop
John Bennett
hinery Cartwright
Peter Presly
John Airs
Henry Toppin
Tho Haile
Jo Kent
Tho Coggin
Wm Reynolds
John Bailes
Wm Cornish
Rich Clare
Mos Wardsell[?]
Edw Henly
Tho Keen
Tho: Broughton
John Cross
Wm Warder
John Hanley
Edw: Hudson
Hen: Barnes
James Willis
Tho: Sheapard
Hen: Mosley
Rob: Newman
Rich: Walker
Charles Ashton
John Ingerom
John Finch
Tho Witsford
John Bradshawe
Luke Dyne
David[?] Claughton
Samuell Smyths
Willm Cocke
Nath Hickman
Robart Bradshawe
Humfry ffulford
John Holloway
John Rosier
John Walford
Andrew Munroe
Daniel Lisson
John Dew
Lewes Gilman

Note: The above signatures were certified and signed by the clerk, but both the three lines of text and his name are difficult to read. ed.
These signatures were first transcribed independently, to the best of the ability of this researcher. Some names were then confirmed from a listing in Nugent, Cavaliers and Pioneers as having owned land, or named as a headright by landowners of Northumberland County at that time. Some names have been confirmed with the listing in Fleet, Northumbria Collectanea, 1645-1720. Several of the names of persons who signed were not found in Fleet's listing. Some names remain indecipherable, or perhaps misread. VLHD.

Northumberland County Deeds and Orders, 1650-1652. pp.60[-60a].

From TIDEWATER VIRGINIA FAMILIES: A Magazine of History and Genealogy, Volume 3, Number 4, pp 243-244