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Virginia Lee Hutcheson Davis' unrealized goal was to have all Twelve Volumes of Tidewater Virginia Families available for download over the Internet.  It has taken just over three years since her death in 2007 for this goal to be realized.  Currently all Volumes (1 - 12) are available at the Tidewater Virginia Families store located at

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Additionally, Jamestowne Ancestors, 1607-1699 (2006), Commemoration of the 400th Anniversary of the Landing at James Towne, 1607-2007 by Virginia Lee Hutcheson Davis,

the Albemarle Parish Vestry Book, 1742-1786 (2005), Surry and Sussex Counties, Virginia, by Virginia Lee Hutcheson Davis and Andrew Wilburn Hogwood

and Henrico County Virginia Deeds, 1750 - 1774 by Virginia Lee Hutcheson Davis and Gary Murdock Williams

are now available in Searchable, Electronic, Downloadable, PDF format at

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It is our hope that having this historical information available to a broader base will enable many of you to continue your search for your ancestors.


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Mrs. Davis Helps You Open The Door To Your Ancestry!                   

Tidewater Virginia Families is an exciting quarterly journal: an interesting magazine to read and a permanent addition to your reference collection.

 Each issue of TVF has articles which are a "must" for serious researchers. With a full-name index in every issue, it is a growing asset for any family history researcher, who will refer to it again and again over the years. Because these issues are not being published any longer, they are "timeless" and rather than going "out-of-date" they are becoming more valuable as time passes.

The journal is dedicated to
  • making previously unpublished county records available
  • exploring the families of Tidewater Virginia with recently researched family histories
  • presenting the history of early churches and homes and Colonial Virgnia history.
  • information on sources and methods in research.
  • covering Tidewater Virginia counties between the Potomac and James Rivers.

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