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I was delighted to hear of your wonderful publication. After studying twelve complete issues of your magazine I realized how much effort you and others have put into your publication. Your name and reputation for excellence in colonial tidewater Virginia family research are well-known throughout the whole genealogical research community.

I am also delighted to see that both of your books "Tidewater Virginia Families" and "Generations Beyond" are back in print. F.R. SC

TIDEWATER VIRGINIA FAMILIES stands out among all the other Virginia genealogical magazines in variety of content, scholarly documentation and archival quality presentation.

Thank you for a wonderful publication! Would like to congratulate you on continuing to provide a resource that is consistently well-rounded.

"Tidewater Virginia Families is one of the finest periodicals of its kind, and I always am thrilled when I see one of those green journals in my mailbox. Something special in each one."

"Your publication is the most important source we have discovered for identifying like-minded researchers, and obtaining information and leads available through no other channel. Congratulations, and many thanks indeed for a unique publication!"

I have had more response from my family names SEARCH in your publication than any other in my 20 some years of searching.

"Each and every issue of "Tidewater Virginia Families" absolutely blows me away! What you publish is a treasure. I have every issue. In going back I always find something I've overlooked which fits into new leads I've discovered. Have made connections I had searched for years."

"Your quarterlies always have so much information, and it is presented in interesting, easy-to-read style. Thanks for all you are doing."

Tidewater Virginia Families is included in the list of most scholarly genealogical journals -- The American Genealogist, July/October 1997


Notice in an Hereditary Society Review: "See VLH Davis' 'Tidewater Virginia Families: Generations Beyond' for recent family history research. Mrs. Davis continues to publish new information in her quarterly journal of 'Tidewater Virginia Families'. All new member applications or member supplementals must consult Mrs. Davis' work for lineages [published]. Some previously approved lines have been proven erroneous, thus before any previous application or supplemental is used as proof, the information in the original application must be confirmed against Mrs. Davis' research."