Virginia Lee Hutcheson Davis

Virginia Lee Hutcheson Davis was a Virginian, with roots in Tidewater Virginia to an "Ancient Planter" who arrived in the colony of Virginia before 1616. She was dedicated to the preservation of the heritage of other tidewater descendants as the publisher and editor of TIDEWATER VIRGINIA FAMILIES: A Magazine of History and Genealogy. She was the author of the book, TIDEWATER VIRGINIA FAMILIES (1990, rep. 1998), published by the Genealogical Publishing Company and winner of the National Genealogical Society National Award for Excellence in genealogy and family history (1994). It is a well- documented, social history and genealogical account that spans 375 years of the lives of some fifty inter-related families with origins in tidewater Virginia. Virginia Davis also published TIDEWATER VIRGINIA FAMILIES: GENERATIONS BEYOND (1998) which extends these families and introduces new family data and relationships.

Virginia Davis opens another door to Tidewater history and genealogy.



            August 18, 2007

She was a member of:

  • The Henricus Foundation Advisory Board and Historic Research Committee
  • The Human Genetics Advisory Board of Virginia Commonwealth University, Medical College of Virginia
  • The Virginia Genealogical Society and past Governor-at-Large
  • The National Genealogical Society
  • The Virginia Historical Society
  • The Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities; the Jamestown Rediscovery Project
  • The Jamestowne Society; Board member of the Jamestowne Society and member of the James Citty Company
  • Order of the Descendants of Ancient Planters